The Best Drone Brands You Need to Know

Drones, back in the day, were exclusive to the army and defense forces. They were manufactured covertly by each country’s expert technology developers. The drone’s build and production procedures were a top-secret matter. However, due to innovations in drone technology, commercial-grade drones are now made available for the public to enjoy.

There is a wide variety of drones available at this time and they are grouped toward a diverse market. Several beginner units are aimed at newbies in the field, while the high-end ones are targeted for professionals in the business and the serious hobbyist. The more advanced units can easily take amazing footage and images from up above in a matter of seconds, and they are used by film productions and professional photographers for commercial/film purposes.

The most excellent drone brands often provide models with advanced controls and simpler units to target both beginner and pro groups. Their products often come with 2 joysticks—one is meant for speed while the other manages maneuvers like pitch control, yaw and rolls. Great brands offer excellent remote controls that are ergonomic and responsive.

Great brands that do well in drone reviews offer durable units that always include elements that will help the drone endure crashes. Their products include shields to safeguard its most vulnerable parts like the rotors and propellers. Great brands also provide access for replacement parts to change broken components when needed. The same can be said when it comes to batteries and water/wind resistance.

The best drone out there provides a longer flight time of 20 minutes. If you want to get the most out of your drone, it is best that you buy spare batteries to replace batts that are low in juice whenever it calls for it. This is crucial for majority of professionals since you never know the amount of time it takes to acquire excellent footage. However, this might not be possible with affordable drones so it is recommended that you invest in a high-end drone from a good brand if you aim to use your unit for commercial purposes.

If you want to display your capabilities in taking amazing images, great models with cameras are the way to go. Cameras at times are a supplement on most drones but the most excellent include high-definition recoding by way of onboard memory cards.

The following are the best drone brands that one should check out:

  • 3D Robotics—An excellent drone brand founded in the US, the company provides superior quality aerial drones from Iris+. It also manufactures the PixHawk, an autopilot system which lets users set up flight directions and performances.
  • Parrot, SA—This French company is considered one of the best in drone productions and it offers a good range of UAVs like quadcopters, indoor drones, mini-drones and a lot more. Their Bebop model includes integrated GPS range extenders, smartphone controls, pads, joysticks, a high-definition camera and other extras that significantly influence the units’ functions.
  • DJI—Founded in China, the company’s units are sold globally and several of their units are deemed as some of the best. Their commercial and hobby-grade drones range from flight transmitters, flying platforms, handheld or aerial gimbals, flying cameras and more. The Phantom is their most popular series though; it does not miss out on being a part of every Best-Of Camera Drone lists.
  • Blade—This is an American company based in Illinois, and they produce an excellent range of quadcopters. The firm provides improved features like the SAFE, which enables units to be more user friendly and make for safer flights and controlling. They offer a variety of aircraft models from multiple prop drones down to helicopters. Their most well-known product would have to be the Blade Nano QX, a quadcopter that will suit any enthusiastic beginner.
  • Syma Toys—Another company from China, Syma Toys is popular for its remote-control helicopters, but as of late have produced quite a range of excellent drones. Their X5C is a bestseller and will fit the taste and skill level of beginners.
  • Yuneec—This Chinese brand is known for their aerial units and the company was the pioneer brand that launched the first ever ready-to-fly drone, the Typhoon Q500. Just last year, the company upgraded the Typhoon by supplementing it with a 4K camera and it also launched the SteadyGrip, a feature that transforms the model into a land and air imaging unit. It also features innovative attributes like the Follow Me, Dynamic Return Home, and the Watch Me, a selfie-ready feature.
  • Splash Drone—Known for their waterproof units, Splash Drone manufacture models that can withstand operations on both land and in water. It can perform extensively through water without a tendency to sink, thus making water shots a reality. Beginners can start out with the brand’s Splash Drone Auto version. while experienced pilots can get by with the ready-to-fly version of the Splash Drone.
  • Lockheed Martin—Lockheed Martin is one of the most highly acclaimed manufacturers of drone equipment for military use. They manufactured the L-MAX, which is an autonomous cargo helicopter, and are also responsible for producing a line of anti-drone units that are capable of getting rid of other drones by way of formidable laser weapon systems.
  • Northrop Grumman—Another company that specializes in defense, they manufacture the Global Hawk, a UAV that helps keep track of enemy movements at higher altitudes (60,000 feet). The company to this day continues to supply defense forces with their innovations and oft-progressive drone technology.
  • Skycatch—Skycatch are manufacturers of smaller drones that are employed by clients to gather information for property owners, allowing them to track over bigger locations. These drones hover over land to gather data, and bring back this data to ground operators by way of a certain application. This particular application is even capable of gathering 3D models, which is an excellent way of investigating certain locations.

When choosing a brand that will suit your preferences, it is crucial that the model must be user friendly, particularly if you are still trying to learn the ropes. It is imperative that you learn how not to damage the unit, as crashes cannot be avoided—hence, the unit should be capable of enduring crashes. Once you have mastered all flight procedures, you may finally move up to intermediate drones.





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