Parrot Disco gets nearly $400 price cut, new firmware, positive customer experiences

Parrot Disco gets its sea legs?

When we last visited the Parrot Disco, it wasn’t looking so hot. Customer reviews were awful, and it was sitting at a 2.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon. Our evaluation reflected that. We also surmised that one of the problems could be with the firmware. Well, two weeks ago Parrot issued its 1.1.1 firmware update, and one of the notes from one revision earlier noted that it corrected “rare” GPS signal loss. Losing GPS connectivity would most certainly prevent the Parrot from returning to launch. In addition, this new firmware changed its return calculations from “GPS fix position” to take-off position. We can only speculate that this goes hand-in-hand with the earlier GPS connectivity loss, and adds further assurance that the Disco will return to its owner.

Customer response

While the Disco maintains its paltry rating on Amazon, there are less reviews coming in overall, although recent reviews show a couple of 5 stars, and one customer changed his earlier review from a 1 to a 3, citing Parrot support. In my experience, that means either one of two things: customers are staying away, and/or those who purchase the Disco are satisfied with its performance. Customers who are happy are much less likely to post feedback, barring an active campaign from the manufacturer to solicit reviews. We are also seeing Parrot more active in customer responses, but there are still some grumbles in their forums. Some customers are getting product exchanges, which is a positive development.

A pretty massive price drop

The Parrot Disco has also had a massive price drop, with the official price on Parrot’s website dropping to $999, while its price on is even better, for now. It may just be a Black Friday drone sale, but we could be wrong. I’m sure that Parrot will be monitoring sales volumes through the week and into next. We track drone pricing, and provide email alerts. Be sure to check this graph and utilize our alerts to make sure that you get the best deal on the Disco, should you be adventurous.

Amazing videos come rolling in

We are starting to see actual customer videos, which show some really impressive performance. One customer even flew his Parrot Disco 20 milesĀ up the coastline, in a very visually and technically impressive show of the Parrot’s abilities – granted, he utilized a modified Disco with an extended battery. However, the Disco flew the route he programmed, and returned as planned. The impressive one hour video can be seen here:

In addition, here’s an almost as impressive video of high altitude flight, and beautiful cloud-surfing piloting:

It should be noted that both pilots’ Discos managed to crash at one point, but they both came out unscathed, the wing attachments did their jobs and popped out slight, no doubt preserving the overall integrity of the drone. Neither needed any parts replacements.

So, do you feel lucky?

Between the massive price drop, and the new firmware, as well as a lower frequency of bad reviews, the appearance of some good reviews, and some impressive videos, are you considering the Parrot Disco? At what price would you be willing to pull the trigger? Sound off in the comments below.


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