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SYMA X5C Explorers

Syma Toys X5C-1 Explorers 4 CH Remote Control Quadcopter, 2015 Version

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Pretty darn good for a cheap drone!

You’d expect a copter so cheap that to be riddled with flaws, yet the Syma X5C is nearly flawless for its price range.

  • • Extremely inexpensive
  • Easily complete tricks with flip button
  • Replaceable camera
  • Ready to fly
  • Beginner and advanced flight modes
  • Onboard camera is nothing special, with no stabilization
  • No GPS
  • 7 minutes of light time
  • No FPV
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SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera Full Review

With the drone market being saturated with more and more models, differing in all shapes and sizes, it’s sometimes worth looking at the smaller picture. Maybe as small as the Syma X5C. This quadcopter is nifty, swift and agile, owing much to its smaller size over other quadcopters on the market. It’s also smaller in the price range, being one of the least expensive quadcopters out there right now, if not the cheapest. It has a removable HD camera that comes with the purchase, and you can easily replace it with a better camera if that’s what you fancy. What’s most cool about it, though, is that you can perform flips with it with a single 360-degree eversion button. Wind and seemingly damage resistant, the X5C has all the makings of a great drone while keeping the affordability, effectively making every purchase a steal.

For its very inexpensive price and above-average capabilities, the Syma X5C is quickly becoming a favorite of quadcopter hobbyists, both beginner and intermediate alike.

SYMA X5C Features

  • Maximum flight time of 7 minutes
  • Removable 500 mAh LiPo flight battery
  • Max transmission distance of 50 m
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization for additional stability during flight
  • Wind resistant and indoors friendly
  • Fast, nimble and agile; tricks can be made with 360-degree eversion; makes flying inside a breeze
  • Removable HD camera for taking stills and videos
  • Video recording with included HD camera up to 1280x720p at 30fps
  • LED lights under each propeller arm to help tracking at night
  • Regular and advanced flight mode controls the movement of the copter according to your needs
  • Includes a 2GB micro SD memory card to store your photos and videos


The Syma X5C is perfect for those who are relatively new to the quadcopter scene. It’s relatively easy to control and to learn, and is very cheap, cheaper still if you opt out of the HD camera. It’s more for the hobbyist than the professional, and makes a wonderful gift for both children and the child at heart.

The quadcopter is fully assembled once you get it, so there is no pesky assembly required, if you’re not a fan of that. It can fly for up to 7 minutes guaranteed, with some users even reporting up to 10 minutes of flight time. It’s possible to remove the batteries and replace them, so buying additional batteries will lengthen your time spent with it, while at the same time lessening the hassle of having to charge the batteries frequently.

It comes with a remote controller that uses a 2.4 GHz 4-channel frequency which in turn uses spread spectrum technology. This results in a wider and farther flying range, ranging from 30 to 50 meters. There is no lag to the controls and overall if feels very responsive. If you are not satisfied with how responsive the controls already are, then it’s no big deal, since there are fine tuning modes available from the controller. This makes it perfect for fast and agile maneuvers which are what the Syma X5C is all about. Coupled and in tandem with the throwing flight function, you can show off your maneuvering skills with this copter.

There is an anti-interference capability built-in so you don’t have to worry about other devices that may be in the area.  What makes it niftier, though, is that you can change the setup if you’re left-handed with a simple push of a button. Controls for recording are also included, and there is a small LCD screen to show the overall status of the components of the quadcopter. For pretty much everything else, you will have to eyeball it.

Though it comes off as cheap, the construction is anything but. There have been severe tests made by users to ascertain its durability, and after battering it constantly, most of the devices still fly like new. Certainly an achievement to whomever made the price so cheap.

To help out with new users, the copter starts in regular flight mode, which is essentially guided. Once you’re ready, you can move on to the advanced flight mode which grants you greater control over the flight capabilities.


You’d expect a copter so cheap that to be riddled with flaws, yet the Syma X5C is nearly flawless for its price range. The camera is a bit shoddy, and there is no immediate replacement since the camera controls are made for the controller. You can remove it entirely however, and just go about flying it (it will weigh even less). Don’t expect to get any high-quality videos or stills from it though.

There’s also no on-board GPS so if you manage to lose it and the battery dies, good luck trying to find it. There are LED lights, though, so if you manage to lose it at night then it will be easier to find, because the LED is completely useless during the day. You may want to keep it in your sights while flying it so there’s less chances of it being flown away by the wind because of how light it is. On this department, you will effectively be eyeballing your flights without the guidance of a GPS and that makes it harder than necessary.

The flight time is also somewhat of a downer since the copter itself shows so much promise. It can be a little off-putting to keep having to remove it after a few minutes of flight time if you love uninterrupted flight.

SYMA X5C Verdict

No, this is not a high-end drone which will fly overhead until you can barely see it. This is more of a recreational quadcopter which excels in pleasing hobbyists, both budding and professional alike. One thing’s for sure, though—you can’t argue with the quality that comes with the price, which is very surprising for such a lightweight drone. If you do end up buying this as a hobbyist who likes showing off with tricks, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Syma Toys X5C-1 Explorers 4 CH Remote Control Quadcopter, 2015 Version, Syma

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